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Hi, my name is Mark Palmero L'Boe.  I run two
small businesses in St. Louis, MO. One is a
residential real estate and homebuilding company,
the other a real estate office management company
that offers total business and marketing management
services to absentee owners/investors of small to
mid-size realty offices.

I'm also a creative entrepreneur who'd rather brainstorm a new business idea than watch television at night. So literally, as hobby, I think up business ideas that "could" or should be launched if someone had the time, money, skill, and desire.

Of course, in this Internet age... every great business idea needs a good domain name, so I pre-register the related domain name(s) and look for a joint-venture partner, another entrepreneur like me who says: "Hey, L'Boe, let me have a shot developing that XYZ domain name you have..."

Being an incurable entrepreneur, my answer will always be: "Let's talk about it!" In the process, I may also introduce you to my team of marketing professionals, private venture capital group, business think-tank and practically anyone else who can help you launch a start-up business or expand an existing one.

If a certain domain name you were checking on redirected you to this website, don't worry. In fact, be happy that nobody else got to it first. Remember, this is a hobby for me... and to me... a domain name is like a puppy, you want to see it go to a good home, or in a business context, you want to see it be put to a profitable use.

While my primary goal is to partner with someone who wants to bring a concept to market, I know not everyone is looking for a business partner. If you'd rather buy a domain name outright, we can talk about it. You'll have to show me you have the background and resources to make it successful. One note, please don't ask me how much I want for a particular domain name. The value of a domain name is about 8 bucks a year from An "idea" is worth a little more. But, a successfully run enterprise can be worth millions. I promise I won't charge that much to sell one outright, but the first step is to start a dialogue with me as I won't sell a domain name to a total stranger.

Send me an email. You now have quite a bit of background about me and my business... tell me about yours. A resume would be a good starting point. Ultimately, I do business only with people I get to know and believe they can turn one of my MarketReady Domains into a profitable business venture. My email is 

If you would like to know more about my everyday businesses: Realty 24 & Associates Network, LandDesignBuild and Compass Realty Systems. Take a look if you like.

I look forward to hearing from you, and no matter what, I wish you good luck in your endeavors.


Mark Palmero L'Boe

P.S.  If you have an interesting domain name or a toll-free phone number and would like to sell it or see it developed, send me an email.  If it has merit, I'll help market it for you on a consignment basis.
(In many cases I have matching domain names)
1-800-321-POKER (available outright nationwide)
1-800-321-SOLD (available outright nationwide)
1-888-321-LAND (excluding St. Louis Metro Area)
1-888-ICF-3333 (ICF means Insulating Concrete Forms)
1-888-432-SOLD (excluding St. Louis Metro Area)
1-888-NuTekBP (excluding St. Louis Metro Area)
1-888-PRO-ICF2 (or PRO-ICF-BID)
1-866-844-6542 (866-THINK-ICF)

Alphabetical list of domain names that likely led you to this site:  I have an extensive list of several hundred domain names available. Most of them cater to the real estate, construction, and home maintenances industries with a few that fall outside that category but seemed like marketable ideas at the time or in the future.  If you would like to develop one of them, please contact me.
Market Ready Domain Names Seeking Joint Venture Business Partners
(or available on 5-year lease to own option to qualified buyers)
I am always on the lookout for talented, energetic, highly motivated people who seek full-time, part-time, or consulting positions on our team... or want to form a joint-venture business arrangement with us.

We are a growing company and always on the lookout for capable individuals who would be interested in getting involved in one of the concepts related to my two core businesses which is real estate and homebuilding.

The following are concepts that emerged as programs or marketing campaigns within my own real estate and homebuilding business, but could be standalone businesses if someone takes command of them and turns them into viable enterprises.

Take a look and then let me know if you have any interest in one of them...

Real Estate:


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